LinkedIn Singapore Office – MBFC Tower 2

Posted on04/12/2021

Another major customer of ours is LinkedIn.  We have 3 of our Brita ViTap 305 (Vi2H) serving all 3 floors of their offices.

Brita water dispensers give employees, visitors and customers access to freshly filtered BRITA water straight from the mains supply. However and whenever they want it. Keeping employees hydrated is key to their well-being and performance.

Our award winning attractive design fits the interior of today’s modern offices. You can see how the Brita ViTap elegantly places itself onto the countertop of a pantry and also supports a busy cafe bar. It doesn’t shout for attention but yet you can spot it from afar. The Brita ViTap brings you the convenience of filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water on tap.

If you’re looking for hydration solutions for your office, Brita professional dispensers and filters is the best choice.

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