Brita Bottling Systems – an in-depth look on how it can improve your hotel operations

Posted on25/02/2022

Our Brita Bottlers dispenses unlimited chilled still and sparkling water for your hotels, function spaces, and restaurants.

It saves you space from your prepackaged single use bottled water and manpower from ordering these bottles. This translates to incremental profit and reduces labour, storage and logistics costs. This also reduces carbon footprint and refrigeration requirements. Go sustainability!

Made in Germany, the dispensers uses innovative ice bank technology that gives you consistent temperature and fizziness to your still and sparkling water. With the Brita professional filters, the water are of the best quality and taste that provides a refreshing palate to your guests!

A high capacity of 180 litres per hour, it caters to your large banquets, conferences and events.

Combine style and exclusitivity with our own exclusive Brita bottles that can be customised with your brand logo to enhance your brand experience.



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