Perlick Stainless Steel Faucet with Flow Control

$125.00 (tax excl.)

The famous forward-sealing Perlick beer faucet, with the added feature of an integrated Flow Control valve!

Providing amazing flow control, Perlick's 650SS Forward Sealing Flow Faucet is designed with a flow compensator and an adjustable flow control handle. This allows for restriction of hard to pour brands, as well as slow pours for growlers, sampler glasses, and flights.

Manage foaming issues when dispensing beer at home with this Perlick 650SS Beer Faucet with Flow Control. The new flow control feature makes it easy to reduce foaming no matter the type of beer line you’re using; leaving you with a nice, tall glass of crystal clear beer. 

  • Constructed of 304 stainless steel to last a lifetime.
  • Stainless steel construction will not pit, tarnish, or taint the flavor of your beer
  • Flow control design features a flow compensator
  • Revolutionary ball and floating front seal design prevents beer from being exposed to air
  • More vertical spout angle for more thorough draining
  • Mold and bacteria will not build up in faucet body
  • Easy to clean
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Conventional wisdom has no place at Perlick. That's because Perlick's drive for innovation is legendary, leaving convention for the other guys to play with. Now, wisdom in general... well, that's another story.

Perlick's new 650SS Stainless Steel Flow Control Faucet is a classic example. It has all of Perlick's exclusive forward sealing design features, as well as a flow compensator. By adjusting the flow control handle, you can adjust the restriction for hard to pour brands, allowing you more control over your flow. You can also adjust the flow control handle to slow the flow for pouring sampler glasses, flights or growlers, as well as to reduce the amount of foam when pouring into a frosted glass.

The Perlick forward sealing design features a revolutionary ball and o-ring that prevents beer from being exposed to air. As a result, the handle lever doesn't stick, and there is no build up of mold and bacteria in the faucet body. It also has fewer internal parts for better reliability.


  • Stainless Steel construction - won't pit or tarnish, will not taint the flavor of the beer, and is also suitable for wine
  • Patented forward sealing design eliminates the need for a valve shaft exposed to beer and air
  • Spout angle is more vertical allowing a more thorough draining after each pour - no horizontal area for beer to collect
  • Polished interior - smooth flow, less agitation and less foaming
  • Easy to clean - may be cleaned in place
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